What Clients Say | Kat Kolegas

What Clients Say

I Feel Heard and Seen

"Kat has the unique and special quality of making me feel absolutely heard and seen. She makes it easy to practice new techniques and ways of being with her, that would normally feel too vulnerable to try. I feel better and stronger (emotionally and physically) after a session with her."

- Feather E.

Becoming a Sex and Emotions Ninja!

"As I'm always interested in evolving myself as a sex and/or emotional partner, I jumped at the opportunity to work with Kat to further explore myself and my interests. Kat was great with explaining the how-to's for the exercises and gently encouraged me to explore behavior/communication that had me feeling silly/awkward. But oooh how I'm glad she did because I am now exploring interests I've previously put off or hesitated delving into for some reason or another, and I'm so EXCITED with where things are going!!!"

- Aaem

Faster than Therapy

"I have made more progress with you in two sessions than I did in talk therapy for 20 years! I'm so thankful I found you."

- Michelle D.

Knowing How to Communicate Boundaries and Desires

"Before I met Kat, I didn’t even know what the word ‘boundaries’ really meant. Knowing what mine are and how to communicate them has changed every relationship I have. I feel like I can easily and lovingly share my wants and needs and be totally ok with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ response. That alone is life changing!"

- Alicia

Back with My Ex -
in a MUCH Healthier Way!

"I’m celebrating that I am dating an old boyfriend with a new set of skills, and actually using them!

Asking for what I want, having vulnerable and real conversations with him, and remembering and holding onto the fact that no matter what happens I’ll be okay because I’ve “got” me and I love me!
All of these skills still need practice..... but I feel I have come a long way since those skills were non-existent in me before."

- Nancy

Attracting a Loving Committed Relationship

"My work with Kat has been transformational. I was able to identify my triggers in a relationship as it relates to my attachment style and childhood trauma . Through working with Kat, I was able to come home to myself deeply and learn how to love me. I now accept myself just as I am. Because of our work together, I am now in a very loving, committed relationship - the best partner I’ve ever had! We have very open communication and can be vulnerable with each other. It wasn’t until I worked on my relationship with myself that I was able to have amazing relationships with others - with friends and family as well and with my partner. The work I put in helped me attract the partner of my dreams! I’m forever grateful for Kat’s expertise and the investment I made in myself.” 

- Alex

Help Learning to Love Yourself

"Everything about me has shifted towards being true to who I am meant to be. I don’t feel like I’m at war with my body all the time anymore - I feel more connected. I’m not anxious all the time, rarely have panic attacks anymore, I feel calm, much of my negative self-talk has stopped. When it does start in I can control it and change the message. I’m working towards self-love and have come a long way. I don’t feel so much anger and rage bubbling inside - actually I rarely feel it at all. this process has helped me realize how critical I have been of myself, so I find that I am much kinder and gentler to myself now."

- Sarah