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Helping You Live Pleasure Everyday

I grew up in a family (whom I love very much) that did not talk about sex or sexuality and did not put much of an emphasis on the importance of healthy relationships and loving touch. In fact, as I’m sure is the experience of many of you reading this, there was really no place to get any sort of guidance on creating beautiful relationships. According to socialization and popular culture, I was just supposed to meet the right person and it would ‘happen’ naturally. So much for that! My first experiences with sex and romantic relationships were…let’s say, less than ideal. I eventually found myself in a secure relationship and was in a monogamous marriage for 11 years and though it had very wonderful aspects to it, I was still empty in some way.

I was not only unable to ASK for what I wanted, I didn’t even really KNOW what I wanted.

I had been totally focused on the relationship that I had lost touch with myself.

One day, my body just told me I was done. DONE. It took a couple of years to untangle from that relationship and after a period of celibacy, I decided to take myself on a journey of sexual self-discovery. I called it my Sacred Sexual Journey. Interestingly, the first couple of years were almost totally NON-sexual (much to my dismay at the time, but in retrospect I see why) and really a time to sit with myself and learn again how to love and care for myself deeply. My son was still very young at the time, so I also had him to care for and that relationship to learn from.

I became involved with several spiritual groups focused on self-awareness, mindfulness, magic and total exploration of my humanness, which of course included my sexuality. Yay!! Being deeply involved in those communities and also working in a small group and one on one with my incredible coach, Leslie Potter, helped me to develop the skills and wherewithal to come deeply back to and love ALL of the parts of myself (including the parts I hated and just wanted to go away – my vulnerable little ones who are FOREVER present and with me and need love and care as well..)

In August of 2016, I got my Professional Cuddler Certification and later became a consultant and trainer for new cuddle professionals with Cuddlist.com. I had seen a Facebook video about cuddling and I thought it would be an easy thing to do while I was getting my training and credentials to become a sex and relationship coach. WRONG! Cuddling has been an amazing source of growth in my life. It is a place where we work on boundaries and being honest and genuine with our ‘no’ and finding our enthusiastic mutual ‘yes’. That may sound simple, but for those of us socialized to please others, being able to identified and speak one’s boundaries is a NECESSARY step on the path to empowerment, feeling into, discovering and asking for what you want (YIKES!) and also being able to share intimate space (eye contact, closeness, trust, etc.) with another human being. Needless to say, cuddling is a journey in and of itself.

When I discovered and started working with the Somatica method of experiential sex and relationship coaching and later became a group leader and supporter of new coaches, I found a whole new layer of human existence, both in myself and others. Working with people in their erotic embodiment is not always easy. EVERYTHING comes up. This is intense work that is not for the faint of heart. BUT, it is an effective and efficient path to discovering and opening to your desire, creating the life and relationships that truly feed you and most importantly, finding pleasure in your life everyday.

When you do a practice IN YOUR BODY, you can change your neural pathways more quickly and effectively because you are not just talking from you head, you are actually PRACTICING your new skills – physically, emotionally, energetically AND verbally – IN RELATIONSHIP with your coach and with others in your life. And that is what happened for me. With all the work I had been doing with myself in terms of radical self-love and care as well as with my son, I was ready to move that care and love to a higher level in my adult relationships, both sexual and non. And it works! I have attracted amazing people into my life who have been open to communication and learning about relationship and how to define and create beautiful partnerships. I now have numerous people that I interact with in the most intimate of ways which is not limited to sexual exploration, but also includes clear, vulnerable communication and sharing, loving sensual touch and care for one another, and a myriad of others ways of connecting.

I can honestly say I have NEVER been this fulfilled and satisfied in my life and NEVER IMAGINED it to be possible to be this way.


I feel completely embodied and authentic in my physical, emotional and erotic self and that allows me to create deep connections with other people and to build beautiful relationships of all kinds in all areas of my life. I want to SHARE this with the world and help others to find their own path to pleasure, peace and happiness in their lives. It’s so simple, and yet, so much easier with a guide – someone who has got your back. Someone who can constantly remind you of how awesome you are and that this is just the journey of a human and you get to choose how you walk it and who you walk it with. And you make those choices over and over, everyday.

I want everyone to feel the freedom of LIVING LOVE and LETTING GO OF FEAR and harsh self (and others) judgement.

I want everyone to know what it is like to live their true empowered human potential for ever and ever!

No matter what your desires, they are perfect for you!

This is why I am a sex and relationship coach and this is how I can help you transform you life to be TRULY LIVING YOU and enjoying the beautiful true love and relationships that you deserve.

If you are ready, REALLY READY to make a commitment to yourself and take the next powerful step toward pure pleasure & fulfillment in your everyday life, watch my Masterclass to learn about the five steps to FEEL alive, sexy & empowered so that you can attract & create the most amazing, deeply connected, fulfilling relationships of your life.

With love and gratitude,